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Four IT Consultants Share Project Management Best Practices

12 July 2016 0

Recently, we asked some of our top IT Project Managers what they consider to be best practices in their field and what education they would recommend to become a star Project Manager. Below you will find their answers.  ​1. What do you think is the best training/education for becoming a successful IT Project Manager? Marissa: Learning the SDLC methodologies (Software Development Life Cycle) of managing a project Knowledge of the varying types of methods in the industr...

Are we Approaching a Developer Crisis?

Posted by:whitridge
08 July 2016 0

Unlike manufacturing jobs that were moved out of the country due to cost we are going to lose our technology leadership if the government and industry don't unite to invest in getting the education into middle schools and below. This is no longer a concern this is now becoming a crisis. The commentary above was written by John C. Hennessy, Chief Operating Officer at Whitridge Associates  St. Louis Post-Dispatch Spurning tech jobs with six-figure salaries By: Loren Goodman Softwar...

Health IT is evolving quickly, are we ready to catch up?

Posted by:whitridge
21 June 2016 0

I am aware that many of you have strong opinions about The Affordable Care Act, some are positive and some are negative, I believe one thing that is being missed as a benefit is the resulting activity from specific mandates of the act that are accelerating innovation in Health IT. I recently attended the Massachusetts HIMMS Annual Spring Conference, the theme was innovation and the content did not disappoint. What I saw and felt in the room was a palpable enthusiasm for improving patient care...

Meet Your Whitridge IT Recruiter

07 June 2016 0

Meet Your Whitridge IT Recruiter NAME: Nick Butcher TITLE: IT Staffing Specialist  YEARS W/ WHITRIDGE: 3 ½    Over the coming months, we want to introduce you to members of the Whitridge Associates team. In IT recruiting, it really is your employees that make you successful and our team is the perfect example of that. With that said, meet Nick. We asked several questions about him personally and how he works to help our IT consultants.    Q:   ...

Where’s the Talent Shortage?

Posted by:whitridge
25 May 2016 0

Lately I have seen some articles in reputable on line publications such as TechCrunch and Information Week presenting the argument that there isn’t a “talent shortage” but a “training shortage”. The training shortage is a symptom of a larger problem: We don’t have enough trained and experienced people in technology to satisfy the need. Isn’t that a Talent Shortage?  Some argue, as a highly regarded executive in one article said, “I see a certain absurdity in this conversa...



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