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Innovation owns the new battle field

Posted by:whitridge in Federal - IT
30 July 2014 0

Working in the federal information technology sector offers unique challenges, and inspiring opportunities to support mission critical programs and cutting edge advancements in technology.  Whitridge Government Solutions proudly supports diverse DoD and National Laboratory programs, and has been afforded the opportunity to apply advanced technology to problems of national security, and cutting edge research and development activities. Innovation now owns the battlefield with technologica...

What’s lacking in IT these days? Women!

Posted by:whitridge in Business & Technology
10 June 2014 0

I read a recent article on Fierce CIO that somewhat stunned me. It indicated that there is a frightening shortage of women in IT today and it does not seem to be getting better. That, along with the news that new jobs being created in the economy are in large part being created for men screams of a need to put some focus on this problem. What surprised me the most about the lack of women is the fact that the environment in IT is so suitable for both single and women with children due to the abi...

The President’s budget, it giveth and taketh away!

Posted by:whitridge in Financial Services - IT
08 May 2014 0

The President’s budget for the government’s fiscal year 2015 is now out and there are many things you’ll like about it if you’re in the Federal space and there are some things that will cause you to pause. Much of the relief being felt by government contractors is the lack of “Sequestration” hanging over everyone’s planning and decision making. Hopefully this will cause RFP’s to be moved along quicker and awards occurring without a torrent of appeals and protests. This has been ...

ICD-10 Delay-Canary in the Coal Mine

Posted by:whitridge in Healthcare IT
07 April 2014 0

We have now reached the outcome that I predicted three months ago with another delay in the modernization or stabilization of healthcare. The vote and signing by the president to delay the requirement of ICD 10 for another year has transpired. This only provides another excuse for technology to lag behind and providers to delay employing a system that has been used though out the world for two decades. This legitimizes the laggards that have fallen behind the curve of innovation and gives them a...

Mothers, please let your babies grow up to be developers!

Posted by:whitridge in Business & Technology
04 April 2014 0

If you’re one of many employers or in our case staffing firms trying to hire high quality developers of any kind, you’ve now been introduced to the “skills shortage”. These high demand skills like .Net and Java are getting wooed by highly recognizable companies, high flying start-ups, leaders in cutting edge technology. They are getting multiple offers to change employers sometimes on the same day. I’m sure many of us in the staffing industry have several stories of high level consulta...



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