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Three Top Business Analysts Share Best Practices

Posted by:whitridge in Financial Services - IT
10 May 2016 0

Recently, we asked some of our top Business Analysts in Financial Services to answer a few questions about their field and what they would recommend as Business Analyst best practices for professionals interested in breaking into the Financial Services industry. Below you will find their responses:  BA Best Practices Q&A Q: What education would you recommend for an up and coming Business Analyst in Financial Services? Mike: There’s not really any one particular educational back...

Freelance, What’s Freelance?

Posted by:whitridge in Technology Careers
26 April 2016 0

Before we introduce you to the information contained in the article below, I think the subject bears the question, what really is a freelancer? Is it a person who operates alone from their home or an individual office and picks up engagements by working their network and building their reputation in the market? Is it someone that depends on a group of people as part of a consulting firm or an agency that leverages the entire group of people involved to generate work for all? Is it a contractor/ ...

We Choose

Posted by:whitridge
06 April 2016 0

At Whitridge Associates, we're constantly looking for new ways to give back to our community. There are so many organizations that are doing great things but the question is, how to choose which one to donate to? If you are not familiar with I encourage you to look into it. It is not only building the future of our kids, the money goes directly to the project and classroom you select and you see the fruits of your donation when the fund raising goal is realized. It is a far m...

At Whitridge, We Give Back

Posted by:whitridge
24 March 2016 0

At Whitridge Associates, we understand work isn’t everything. We are aware of the misfortunes that have trapped so many in our communities and know that the future lies in the hands of the next generation. This is why, when we were presented with the opportunity to share an afternoon of fun and games with a group of children at The Home for Little Wanderers, the Whitridge team jumped on board. That day, their smiling faces and pain stricken stories compelled us to get more involved. We have si...

Is the war for talent becoming more like an impending catastrophe for innovation?

Posted by:whitridge in Technology Careers
02 March 2016 0

The talent shortage in the innovation hubs of the country like Boston, Silicon Valley, Austin, etc. are taking a toll on highly innovative companies that have proven track records of growth and success. It is inhibiting their ability to reach their market potential due to the lack of  capacity to locate and attract the technology people they need to propel the company to its next level. This situation has been newsworthy for several years now and the status has gotten worse as companies ...



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