Meet Your Whitridge IT Recruiter

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01 November 2016 0

Meet Your Whitridge IT Recruiter

NAME: Jonathan Youlden
TITLE: Staffing Specialist

In this installment of “Meet Your Whitridge IT Recruiter” we are proud to introduce you to Jonathan Youlden. Although Jonathan is a relatively new addition to the Whitridge team, he has hit the ground running and has made a big impact in our recruiting efforts!

1.    What is your background both educationally and professionally? And how did that lead you to IT recruiting? 

I actually have a business and biology background. I originally went down the path to being a pharmacist but I knew long-term that it wasn’t the right fit for me. No way could I bear that job all day! Recruiting was something that always interested me because it provides me the opportunity to speak with new people every day and have challenging conversations.

2.    What is the best thing about IT recruiting and what do you think are the biggest challenges? 

The best thing about recruiting in IT is seeing the evolution of the positions and technology itself. In my opinion, technology and healthcare are the two things that are virtually recession-proof and constantly changing. It’s a great industry to be in. However, the constant change can also be quite demanding. There are always updates and upgrades in regards to the technology that we work with and it is up to the recruiter to make sure they stay current and knowledgeable.

3.    When you’re not at work what is your favorite thing to do? 

Hanging with my family! It’s the most quality time spent and where I get the most satisfaction. I have a beautiful daughter now and one more on the way. Hopefully there will be a boy eventually to even out all the hormones in the house! Close second would be watching my main man TB12 and the New England Patriots!

4.    Tell us one interesting (or odd – no judgement here) fact about yourself? 

I’m a huge vocabulary nerd. I love to dissect and spell words in my head when people pronounce them. I really don’t know what it is but I’ve always been extremely proficient with my grammar and I get a kick out of spelling out challenging words. Also, I know all the U.S. state capitals.

5.    What do you love about Whitridge? 

There are countless staffing agencies to choose from, they’ve become as common as house flies and many of them treat candidates simply as a number. Whitridge takes a different approach and puts less emphasis on the volume and more emphasis on building and retaining solid relationships with IT consultants and clients. This creates trust between our agency and the candidates, while also ensuring a long and synergistic relationship.

This blog post was written by Danielle Higgins, Social Media Coordinator at Whitridge Associates

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