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Mothers, please let your babies grow up to be developers!

Posted by:Whitridge in Business & Technology
04 April 2014 0

If you’re one of many employers or in our case staffing firms trying to hire high quality developers of any kind, you’ve now been introduced to the “skills shortage”. These high demand skills like .Net and Java are getting wooed by highly recognizable companies, high flying start-ups, leaders in cutting edge technology. They are getting multiple offers to change employers sometimes on the same day. I’m sure many of us in the staffing industry have several stories of high level consulta...

Another choice of protection or freedom

Posted by:Whitridge in Business & Technology
05 March 2014 0

I read an article yesterday forwarded to me from a friend that cried out for “Temp Worker Protection,” stating that the U.S. lags behind the rest of the developed nations in “temp worker” protection. I can’t help but cry foul here for a myriad of reasons over and above that the facts are wrong; example: “usually the maximum length of an assignment is two years.” What elongated study did that come from? But the fundamental  argument  I have is with the contention that t...

Stage 2 and Stage 3 Meaningful Use Extension - Is this for the best?

Posted by:Whitridge in Healthcare IT
07 January 2014 0

The recent post by CMS and ONC articulating their combined intention to elongate the due dates for Stage 2 and Stage 3 of Meaningful Use seemed to get a consensus endorsement from many in the Healthcare IT and provider community. It seems many were predicting a disaster when the old due dates arrived and this was obviously not impacted by the recent failure to roll out a serviceable site on the due date (Not). It’s funny how when there is a political disaster like that, everyone...

Resumes - Less is More

Posted by:Whitridge in Technology Careers
19 November 2013 0

It’s common knowledge that Hiring Managers receive dozens, if not hundreds, of resumes for each job position they try to fill.  There are many ways to avoid having yours end up in the trash can (networking can be a huge help) but with or without connections your resume needs to ‘Wow’ everyone who sees it.  Your IT Staffing Recruiter can provide personalized advice tailored to you and the particular job to which you’re applying, and that is invaluable.  Additionally, here i...

The Evolution of Tenure Within Consulting Services

Posted by:Whitridge in Business & Technology
13 November 2013 0

Tenure - noun 1. A fixed period of time during which a person holds a job or position. 2. A status granted after a trial period. Within higher education, the word tenure elicits visions of a college professor being recognized for many years of service to their college or university.  It symbolizes reward for a distinguished career and stability for both the educator and the employer. Within consulting services the word tenure has created an entirely different context.  It imm...



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