Welcome to the Whitridge Voice

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25 July 2013 0

Well, for those of you who haven’t noticed, it’s time for Whitridge Associates, the highly regarded business and technology staffing company, to raise its voice. With that said, we are as of this writing, launching this blog, “The Whitridge Voice”.

Our cozy Quincy Company, which has been a rousing success in the IT Staffing world, specifically focused on financial services for 21 years, has been reasonably quiet in the past and no one has blown our horn for us, so it’s time to do it for ourselves. For those of you in IT staffing in Boston, it is time to take heed, Whitridge is in an expansion mode with the pedal to the metal, full throttle.

We have increased our staff by nine people (almost doubled in recruiting); we have created two distinct verticals to complement our position in Financial Services launching a Healthcare and a Government vertical in 2013, check out the individual tabs on the website for more details.

Our intent is to no longer be satisfied with our position in the greater Boston market and around the area, we are committed to making our mark in contingent staffing nationwide.

Our philosophy of “Think Success” refers to our “purpose” which is to be a significant contributor to the success of our clients, their companies, our consultants and their families. We aren’t a run of the mill technology staffing firm  that is only focused on “butts in seats”, we’re committed to forging long-term relationships with our consultants which are important members of the Whitridge team and continue to employ them one engagement after the other. This increases the value we bring to our clients by positioning ourselves to be regularly assigning consultants with a long proven Whitridge history (I don’t mean six months). I know everyone in staffing says this, Whitridge can prove it.

I just joined Whitridge during 2012 and when I first heard about the Whitridge Way I have to admit I was skeptical, now I’m a complete believer because I’ve seen it in action. Late in December 2012, we had six high quality consultants who had worked for Whitridge for multiple assignments over multiple years (not six months) suddenly be told their assignments were ending. The response on the part of the staff was enlightening; the primary focus over the coming days was to get those contractors back to work or committed to an assignment before the holidays. After numerous calls on the part of the recruiters and an equal amount of marketing on the part of the sales team, Whitridge successfully positioned all six with a job prior to Christmas making it a much happier holiday for all.

Now that you’ve read this brief tale, if you’re a competitor are you a bit concerned? Headline: “Historically small market performer has decided to bring its proven methodology and take the major markets by storm”. If you’re not paying attention that’s better for us, if you are paying attention watch closely you might learn something, but don’t rush to copy you never know the Whitridge Way could be wrong (I doubt it).

I’ll be visiting this blog on a regular basis talking about things that impact  staffing or technology, healthcare or government, or just things that are timely. Hopefully we can excite you, intrigue you or at least annoy you enough to comment and keep coming back to see what else we are saying. Please come and visit the voice, The Whitridge Voice.