We’ve got a new Whitridge.com, Come See Us!

28 September 2015 0

Whitridge has experienced great success over its 22 years of history; it has established itself as a leader in IT staffing especially in the financial services industry. Over the past three years, we have launched the second generation of Whitridge with expansion into the Government /Cleared space and a beginning of the development of a Healthcare IT vertical. Recently, we have expanded geographically into the Tri State (NY, CT, and NJ) area leveraging our knowledge base and experience in banking and financial services to share our expertise with clients and consultants located there. As a result of the unparalleled growth and expansion, we felt it was time we change our image on the web.

Welcome to the new look of whitridge.com!

We spent six months evaluating different designs and messaging to try and properly reflect the fundamental beliefs and mission of Whitridge. The intent is to reflect our commitment to driving client and consultant success through our “Think Success” methodology. Our devotion to creating compelling and long standing relationships with both our clients and our consultants is reflected in the graphics and messaging displayed on the site.

We have worked tirelessly to improve the usability of the website for our consultants, clients and guests. The format is designed to easily share valuable content produced internally and curated externally helping educate and inform our website visitors.
The Search Jobs feature has been enhanced to provide a much more intuitive experience and make it highly accessible to all candidates. Jobs are simple to search either by title or keyword.

The other critical requirement of the new site was that it be fully responsive allowing visitors like you to be able to access the site using any device you have available, be it tablet, phone or laptop. The user interface is simplified to create convenience in the navigation and ease scrolling from subject-to-subject.

This new site was built for you, to both understand more about Whitridge and its mission, but also to provide information, opportunity and a place for you to learn more about the world of IT staffing.

We are very interested in knowing your thoughts and reaction to the new site. If you have any constructive criticism please fire away, we have thick skins, and want this to be the best it can be. We would very much appreciate your feedback.