Innovation owns the new battle field

Posted by:Whitridge in Federal - IT
30 July 2014 0

Working in the federal information technology sector offers unique challenges, and inspiring opportunities to support mission critical programs and cutting edge advancements in technology.  Whitridge Government Solutions proudly supports diverse DoD and National Laboratory programs, and has been afforded the opportunity to apply advanced technology to problems of national security, and cutting edge research and development activities.

Innovation now owns the battlefield with technological advancements changing the face of present day and future warfare. When we explore the landscape of new technology being implemented in the armed forces arsenal it varies from micro autonomous robotic systems that are 4 to 20 grams and can remain concealed while navigating extremely small spaces, to tactical energy harvesting technologies that generates energy from the act of walking.

The micro autonomous robotics systems allow a soldier in reconnaissance mode to use this flying device that can transmit visual intelligence to him before he potentially puts himself in a dangerous situation. For urban combat or house to house pursuit imagine the advantage of being able to see threat before it’s upon you, now that will save lives.

The tactical energy harvesting technologies namely Powerwalk allows a soldier to produce energy just by walking 12 watts walking at a normal pace. Imagine being in a remote location with no power available but you could purely through moving your legs generate enough power to activate a cell phone, run a satellite link or a radio. This provides mobility and a survival resource that allow mission strategies to change and reduce equipment requirements.

A new program recently identified has a code name Z-Man, it is tasked to identify ways fighters can scale buildings without ropes or ladders. The intent is mirror the attributes of a gecko be able to biologically develop a pair of paddles that adhere to a surface well enough for them to climb a building or bridge or a glass wall.

Now innovation has advanced to become an integral part of Marine Officer Training. Operation of an Unmanned Aerial System (UAS) is a skill being trained in a two week course as part of The Basic School. Officers are taught to learn to maneuver the RQ-11B Raven while creating new tactics and strategies to employ the 4.7 pound, 4.5 foot wingspan UAS device to enable it to provide Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR). The use if the UAS will enhance mission planning and enhance air-ground integration.

The innovative equipment described here is only a small segment of what is being developed to make our future soldier more effective, more mobile and better informed to overcome any enemy.

I’m certain there is much more going on that is classified but we should all be comforted knowing our government is investing in innovation to make our fighter more efficient and increasing the chances of them all coming home safely.