ICD-10 Delay-Canary in the Coal Mine

Posted by:Whitridge in Healthcare IT
07 April 2014 0

We have now reached the outcome that I predicted three months ago with another delay in the modernization or stabilization of healthcare. The vote and signing by the president to delay the requirement of ICD 10 for another year has transpired. This only provides another excuse for technology to lag behind and providers to delay employing a system that has been used though out the world for two decades. This legitimizes the laggards that have fallen behind the curve of innovation and gives them another year to ponder their future and delay action. The government should apologize directly to the forward thinking payers and providers that now have expended millions on implementation and training only to have it possibly go to waste.

When are we going to accept accountability ? What happened to committing to get to the moon by the end of a decade and doing it. No longer an American value I suppose.

The article below describes the particulars read on…