Are you working from home or living at work? You’re not alone.

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21 August 2020 0

As employers mull over their “return to work” plans, many employees have hit their stride working from home. While some enjoy their new WFH schedule, others struggle to adjust and long to be back in the office. If it seems like every article you read touts the benefits of working from home but if you feel differently, you’re not alone. Below are some of the pitfalls of working remotely and what to look out for while you navigate this changing landscape. 

Isolation Nation
Working from home can be incredibly isolating – especially for people that live alone (and now work alone). The lack of face-to-face interaction can lead to feelings of loneliness. It is important for you to schedule time with coworkers to speak over the phone or on Zoom to have some semblance of human contact. Instead of sending an email, pick up the phone to make a connection. If you’re feeling especially isolated and have the opportunity to work in the office in a safe way – do what is best for you. Also, if you notice a coworker or friend seems to be increasingly isolated – reach out, you never know how much a simple act can help someone that is struggling.

Without a doubt, I can’t log out.
When you’re not commuting into an office it’s easy to log on early to get a head start on your day and to stay logged in late. While working around the clock may feel like the productivity motherload – wearing yourself thin is a huge risk. There can be a sense of guilt about putting an end to the work day if you can get “just one more thing” done or if you see your coworkers logged in burning the midnight oil, shouldn’t you be as well? Working longer hours and in turn, never really unplugging, can lead to increased stress levels and burn-out. For some, it’s important to have boundaries for their day, arriving at work at a particular time every day and leaving at another gives balance – working from home blurs those lines and without conscious effort, can have negative effects. 

Wait, wait… time to procrastinate!
Working from home is the ultimate challenge to our urge to procrastinate. Without coworkers or managers close by, it’s easy to let things at home distract you. With the freedom to take breaks whenever you please, a stocked fridge a few steps away, a TV in front of you, or some household chores on the mind, it’s natural that your mind will wander. 

Working from home can certainly have its benefits but it is important to acknowledge its flaws as well. As workers across the nation decide what the future of work looks like to them, the answer isn’t always cut and dried. Some would like to work from home exclusively while others are clamoring to get back into an office and still others would like to see a hybrid of both arrangements. Whatever is right for you, make sure you’re staying focused, putting in your best effort, and not burning yourself out in the process. 

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