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Recruiters: Good, not so good, what’s the difference?

Posted by:Whitridge in Technology Careers
01 October 2013 0

As a recruiter, I've encountered many people that due to poor experiences with other recruiters prior to my contact have been reluctant to speak to me and refuse to acknowledge the value of a good Technology Recruiter.  I’ve always been capable of convincing them that it’ll be worthwhile for them to talk to me, I was trained how to recruit the right way.  For those who don’t return a recruiter’s call or give them a chance, I thought I’d share some thoughts on how to quickly d...

Phone Interviews: Prepare to Succeed

Posted by:Whitridge in Technology Careers
27 August 2013 0

As IT Recruiters, we know that for some people, phone interviews are more stressful than in-person interviews, and they are just as important since they generally determine whether you proceed to an in-person interview. Here are a few suggestions on how to make your phone interview more impactful. Before: Homework and research isn’t just for school. Take time to find out about the company you are interviewing with. Your IT Recruiter can provide valuable insights and information, but take s...

Millennials and IT Contract Employment - It’s a Match

Posted by:Whitridge in Technology Careers
20 August 2013 0

Millennials have grown up in an age of multi-tasking. Multitasking is defined as “The practice or capability of handling more than one task at the same time,1”  but the way in which it manifests itself reveals far greater insight into millennials and their approach to school, work, relationships, life, and their entire future. They are so accustomed to multi-tasking that they find anything else to be boring.  In school, this means watching movies while doing their history rea...

Welcome to the Whitridge Voice

Posted by:Whitridge in Technology Careers
25 July 2013 0

Well, for those of you who haven’t noticed, it’s time for Whitridge Associates, the highly regarded business and technology staffing company, to raise its voice. With that said, we are as of this writing, launching this blog, “The Whitridge Voice”. Our cozy Quincy Company, which has been a rousing success in the IT Staffing world, specifically focused on financial services for 21 years, has been reasonably quiet in the past and no one has blown our horn for us, so it’s time to do it...



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